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Scarlett Official Trailer

This story focuses on a young, successful architect named Scarlett, preparing for a life with her husband, Chase. But her diagnosis of terminal cancer causes her to struggle with her faith in God. Meanwhile, Mia, who is in an abusive relationship, holds on to her faith. The sounds of domestic violence draw Chase’s attention. Soon he and Scarlett become an answer to her prayers.

With a surprise twist at the end, the lives of Scarlett, Chase, and Mia intertwine and bring hope to the hopeless, peace to the battle, and beauty from ashes.

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  • Church taking up films as ministry

    June 8, 2013
  • The force behind an independent film debuting Friday in San Antonio...

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Charisma News

September 19, 2012

Denver Pastor Sun Hui East is doing more than going multimedia with the gospel message, he‘s launching a film production company for the sole purpose of distributing full-length...

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Fox 29 Daytime at nine

June 6, 2013

Bringing faith to the silver screen with “Seventy Times Seven”

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