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2015 NR Coming Soon...

Run! Is a story about Christian faith and human trafficking. Bad things can happen to good people. Natalie, a reporter who has gotten on the wrong side of human traffickers, and Levi, her husband, have just arrived at their honeymoon suite when Levi steps out on an errand and Natalie is kidnapped for revenge by sex traffickers. Levi arrives back to an empty honeymoon suite and desperately begins the frustrating search for her rescue. Emily is a young girl who wants to have many friends and accidentally gets drawn into a friendship by someone she has met blindly on the internet. Young and naive she finds herself the victim of a human trafficking. Mark and Michelle are siblings who are separated after Michelle runs away from an abusive father. When a desperate Mark leaves to find his sister, he is blindly recruited into sex trafficking. Their lives are woven together as Levi touches the fringe of each life in his search for Natalie. Her bold faith and strong character always testify to Godís promises as she endures for the moment, knowing that her faith will have its reward. Human trafficking is real and extremely profitable, fearlessly preying on children and young adults. It finds them in their chat rooms, internet interests, and cellphones. Run! Is intended to create awareness to parents and youth of the importance of accountability to their guardian, and to teach guardians the dangers of unsupervised media use, and the biblical wisdom of raising up a child in the way he should go.

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Cast: Stephen Baldwin, Josiah Warren, Taylor Murphy
Director: Josiah Warren
Genre: Action-Drama

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